Come see what this Dad and his Princess have been up to.
You might get to see some of my sewing projects, as well as a tutorial here and there to help you out.
I might even work up to a few give aways along the way!
Hold on tight! This could be a bumpy ride!

November 8, 2008

I think I mentioned that I am an avid blog reader.
I must have about 30 blogs that I check on daily. Of course in mostly lurker mode.
Jen at Fabric Bliss is having a "Make it Work" challenge. I am always up for a challenge.
She has some great fabrics. I have purchased some from her, and her service is outstanding. And.. she just makes me laugh!
So all of my sewing buddies out there, (you know who you are) get over there and enter!
If you don't want to enter, at least check out her awesome fabric!
So...... "Holla 'atcha Boy!"....... "Make it work!"..... "Carry on!".... "Don't be a Hot Mess!"..... Later Trannies! No, I don't normally talk like that! I am just referencing some of my favorite catch phrases from Project Runway!
I'm out! Auf Wiedersehen! Smooch!.. Smooch!


~holly said...

omygoodness......this post was FIERCE!