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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's.

Lots of exciting things to share, and more to come!

Leighanna had found a stray cat a few months ago, and decided to keep it. She is such an animal lover. I wasn't too keen on the idea, and this cat would come and go as it pleased.

A couple of months ago, we noticed that she was staying around more, and had the not so pleasant feeling that she might have gotten with another cat.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Yes, "Fluffy" had kittens! Happy Mother's Day Fluffy. She kept having them, and having them!

Leighanna got to witness the birth, and was excited and grossed out at the same time.

Of course I was too! When all was said and done, she had eight kittens.

I affectionately call her OctoMom. :)

Seven are all white, with a little spot here and there, and then there was this one "Oddball". You can't miss him in all the sea of white fluffiness!

All kittens are thriving at this point.

There is one little runt of the litter, and we have been helping it find its mother, so it is still thriving too.

Anyone want a kitty?

LOL! I am sure that Leighanna will have a hard time letting them go, but I said from the get go, that we will care for them until they are weaned, and then they must go!

I hope to stand firm on that decision!

Also, on my last post the winner of my blog giveaway was announced. I finished the Precious dress(es) and sent them on their way. Cathy was so pleased, and the look on her girls' faces melted my heart! What cuties!

Check out Cathy's Blog! You will see the fun "unfold" before their eyes!

I have also been working on another project that I will let you all know about soon! Anyway, here is a little "peek".

Thanks for reading along!