Come see what this Dad and his Princess have been up to.
You might get to see some of my sewing projects, as well as a tutorial here and there to help you out.
I might even work up to a few give aways along the way!
Hold on tight! This could be a bumpy ride!

December 22, 2008

My poor sick baby!

This weekend was spent at Children's Hospital.

Last Thursday night out of the blue Leighanna started to feel sick. She threw up, complained of a tummy ache, and went back to sleep. She woke up several times throwing up and feeling awful. We thought that maybe she just had a stomach bug and would feel better in the morning.

Morning came and she still didn't feel good.

We gave her some watered down Gatorade, and then some plain water. Nothing would stay down. She was developing a slight fever and started shivering. We tried to give her Tylenol and then Motrin. But even that was too much for her upset tummy and that came up.

By Saturday she said that she was feeling a little better. She still had no appetite, but knew that this was the day to go to Grandma and Papa's house to have Christmas.

She got sick in the car on the way to their house and then proceeded to get sick again once we arrived.

My sister-in-law is a nurse and she could tell that Leighanna was becoming dehydrated. We tried to force the liquids in her, but they would come right back up. She was also getting diarrhea.

We left early, and decided on our way home to see if our local Urgent Care was open. Well since it was Saturday night, they weren't. We headed to the ER.

Once there, it was apparent that she was still sick. The doctors ran a few tests and checked her urine. They ordered a CT scan which showed a slightly inflamed appendix.

Getting an IV into her proved to be very tricky. After several failed attempts and lots of screaming a retired nurse from Children's hospital came in and got one in.

I have never seen so many nurses leave a room in tears before. They hated that they were causing so much pain, and yet couldn't get an IV started.

They told us that she needed to go to Children's Hospital right away and called them to have an ambulance pick her up.

Did I mention that we were getting an ice storm with intermittent heavy snow thrown in between?

The ambulance finally arrived and got her ready to go. We followed closely behind them, and made it in about an hour.

Once we arrived the doctors did an initial exam and thought that Leighanna was indeed having appendix issues. The only thing is that after about an hour, Leighanna's pain on her right side faded and she was starting to feel a little better.

They wanted to do another CT scan with contrast, but since she already was exposed to radiation today, they didn't want to repeat.

They kept the fluids going, and continued to do tests to determine what was causing this.

We were finally admitted, and got a little rest.

By late in the day Leighanna was feeling much better and had actually wanted something to eat.

If she was able to keep her food and drink down, we would be allowed to go home!

She kept it down and were dismissed. Yay!

I know that I had a lot of people praying for her. Thank You all!

I am so grateful that she didn't have to go into surgery and face some recovery time!

December 15, 2008

Thrifty Fifty Update!

With extra days of work, holiday parties, Christmas tree trimming, and all the other things that go with the Holiday, I have tried to fit as much sewing into my busy days.
Leighanna wanted to do some crafting too. We took her school pictures and made these ornaments for her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. I purchased this kit at a Craft wholesaler and paid only $3.00 for the kit. We could easily make another 7 ornaments with the extras.

Here is a handbag and matching wallet I made my wife. She has been begging for this for a long time, so I hope that she is pleased with the outcome!

I made Leighanna a rag quilt with her favorite colors of pink and green. I added a little yellow to it too to give it a little brightness. I have washed it 2 times, but I think I need to wash it one more time to encourage the fraying! I think she will love to snuggle up in this!

I used Kimberbell Kids personalized name pillow pattern to make these personalized pillows for my Mother in Law and Mom. I also made one for my niece.
Wow! Have I been busy!
We also made lots of cookies, candy, and other homemade goodies to give away to the bus driver, and the mailman.
I still have a list of things that I need to get accomplished. Hopefully I will have a few free minutes this week to get them done!

December 8, 2008

A date I remember!

December 8, 1984. This is the day that I married my best friend.
Twenty-four years ago in a small church, we exchanged our vows.
We were young, in love, and had our whole future ahead of us.
I think we were 12. At least when I look at this photo, I think so! (Don't worry, we were of legal age!)
We had no money, and both came from hard working families that scrimped to get by each week. We got married with no photographer present, no wedding planner, no full on reception.
Friends and family were the guests. We thought it was the best day of our lives!
We honeymooned in Cincinnati at the Kings Island Winterfest.
We took a sleigh ride, used roasted chestnuts as pocket warmers, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Christmas!
This is our favorite time of the year!

This is a photo of us while we were dating.

Don't you just love the 80's glasses?

How big could they be?

So on this day, I toast my wife, and look forward to the next 24 years!

December 3, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Now that some of my projects are completed, or or nearing completion, I like to get started on the wrapping part.
When we visit family and friends and bring their gifts, they can't wait to see what their wrap will look like this year. (They have come to expect it from us!)
Most of the time they say it is too pretty to open. We have always wrapped up our gifts that we give others a little bit special. Call it OCD, but I figure presentation is important too.

Lovely box isn't it?
Stay tuned it will be!

Start by wrapping your box. I try to be as neat as I can on this. I even use a glue stick
to conceal the seam on the bottom. I don't like the way the tape looks. Again, OCD. Use whatever method of wrapping that works for you.
Now it is time for the bow. I don't like the bows that you buy in the plastic bag, that have an adhesive strip on them. They never stick and always fall off. They also don't look that nice. The ribbon that I use I get from a craft wholesaler. I got this whole spool of ribbon for $3.00. (That is a 100 yard spool! plenty for our gifts this year!)
The best kind of ribbon is the kind that florists use for their arrangements.
It has a little stiffness to it, and holds it shape nicely.
Now, tie your ribbon around your wrapped box. Make sure you leave some tails. We use those to attach the bow to it later.
Take your ends and using your scissors, dissect each end of the ribbon to the knot.
You can see the top tail I have done this.
Do this to both tails.
Now it is time to make the bow.
I usually use a DVD case or a Video case. You can use a small book, or anything you have on hand.
Start your ribbon and wrap it around the DVD 5 times. (I have made many of these bows, and that seems to give me the best fullness)
End your ribbon like this and carefully slide it off of the case.

Grasp it in the middle and fold it in half.

This is what you should have!

Now carefully cut the folded ribbon in the middle like this.
Take care not to meet at the middle.

Now carefully tie the ribbon cluster that you just cut onto the package.

Repeat those steps again and attach a second set using the other ties.
This is a good time to cut the ribbon ends into whatever shape you like.
I fish tailed the ends of my ribbon.
Carefully start pulling the loops apart. Starting at one loop cluster.
Grasp the loop from the inside and bring it out to the right.
Grasp the next loop from the cluster and bring it out to the left.
Keep doing this to all the cluster until you have them all separated.
I couldn't get a good photo of me doing this, so if you try this and are having problems. I will try to get a video up.

This is what your finished bow will look like! Now just add a gift tag, and get ready for the complements you receive as you give your gift!

On a side note, we are all Ohio State fans here!
I just made this hair bow for my daughter. I saw one like it at a boutique for around $12.00.
I had all the supplies on hand, so it didn't cost me a thing.
I used E6000 glue to attach the beads, the glue oozed out a little, but I wanted to make sure that they would stay.
I don't think you will notice it when it is worn.
Go Buckeyes!

November 26, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree! The crafting has begun!

The Christmas gifts are beginning! I spent the morning paper piecing these blocks together.

I was going to make the holiday door hanger from YCMT, but all that embroidery didn't appeal to me at all. I am the kind of guy that likes to 'git 'er done! So with a few hours of free time this morning, I finished these lovely blocks. Leighanna helped me pick out the colors for these. I am hoping that everyone that receives them will like them!

Here is a completed one. This one goes to Leighanna's teacher.

Leighanna picked these colors out specifically for her!

Here is the one from You Can Make This dot com.
Do you want to know the coolest thing about this? It didn't cost me a dime! The pattern is a free download and I had all the supplies to make these on hand. The original directions called for beaded trim, and although it does look really nice, I had this ball trim on hand, so I used it instead.

I am going to do a little Black Friday shopping and I will stop by Joanns to check the price on that trim, if they have it. I really to like the way the bells look.

November 24, 2008

My Stash

Finally, I have *ahem* most of my stash neatly folded and put away in color order.

Geez, that took me FOREVER!

After looking at all this fabric, you would have thought that I have been sewing for years.

Sadly, only three.

Anyway, here are a few photos.

Isn't it pretty?
I still have about 3 totes to go through. Mostly corduroy, fleece, and chenile.
All of my short cuts of 1/2 yard or less, still are waiting for me to fold them, but for now, I am happy!
My wife used to sew alot.
When she had a project to do, she would look at the pattern, see how much fabric it took, and go to the fabric store to get it. If a project took 7/8 of a yard, then that is what she got!

Ummmmm, when I go to the fabric store, needing only a 1/2 yard of fabric, I come out with much more.
Wonder why?.....

Let's see....

First, I have to muster up enough courage to walk in by myself.

Second, I have to endure the stares of the "Cranky Quilt Ladies" who happen to be cutting fabric today.

Third, I have to search endlessly for the perfect shade of "pink" that my Picky Princess wants.

So, to sum it all up.

Man walks in fabric store with list (I only need a half a yard of fabric)....

Ladies look at him as if to say, "Hey, the sports store is two doors down!"...

Finds the perfect "pink" to match... along with a couple of more options in case my idea of "perfect" doesn't pan out...

Walks up to cutting counter....gets number (Lord, I forgot that important step once.... NEVER AGAIN!)....

Lays the fabric down on the counter...
Cranky Quilt Lady asks how much do you need?....
I shamelessly blurt out 3 yards of each please!

Uhmmmm...... What just happened here? I only needed 1/2 yard of each!

I feel so like Ralphie telling Santa he only wanted a football for Christmas, when what he really wanted was "An official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time" Only I can't climb back up the slide and and tell Miss Cranky what I really only needed.

So... relutantly I pay the bill.... Go home and hide the stuff so that my "only buy what you need" wife doesn't see it.

Well... now it is all out in the open... my very own mini fabric store. AHHHHH!

If I only need a half a yard, I will cut it!
I don't have to deal with the Cranky Quilters looking at me over their little half reading glasses.

This should stay like this for a little while.....
Until I hit the fabric stores again, looking for the perfect shade of "aqua".
Must remember these words.... "Only a half a yard please!"

Has this ever happened to you? If it has leave me a comment, I would love to know if it is only a "guy thing"!

November 23, 2008

It's freezing here!

Well since the weather has been so cold, I decided to add a little snow to my blog for a little while. I have never done this before, but Eureka! I figured it out!
Off to finish organizing my sewing space. I need to start my projects by early next week!

November 20, 2008

Sort of!

I have my lists made. Well... sort of....

Fabric is getting organized. Well... sort of.....

I have plenty of time to get this done. Well... sort of.....

I have lots of backing and encouragement from others...... ABSOLUTELY!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures of things that I have in the works!
You are also welcome to leave me a comment or two on how I am doing, or if you would be happy to receive these handmade items as a gift!
Stay tuned!

November 19, 2008

I made the "50" list!

Wow! I cannot believe that I was chosen to participate in the You Can Make This challenge.

Check out their blog!.
I have purchased several patterns from them, and love the detailed pictures and drawings!
Even I can figure them out!
We are going to be on a tight budget this Christmas and this challenge is just what the doctor ordered.
We are going to Disney in February, and I have challenged our family to make this a "cash only" vacation. I do not want to worry about paying for this trip in the months ahead.
I knew that this was going to be a challenge, with Christmas approaching so soon.
My family is usually much more thrilled to get a home made item from us anyway. I usually run out of time, and wimp out and purchase a gift at the last minute.
So... turn on the Christmas music and ready my machines! I have lots of gifts to mark off of my list!

November 8, 2008

I think I mentioned that I am an avid blog reader.
I must have about 30 blogs that I check on daily. Of course in mostly lurker mode.
Jen at Fabric Bliss is having a "Make it Work" challenge. I am always up for a challenge.
She has some great fabrics. I have purchased some from her, and her service is outstanding. And.. she just makes me laugh!
So all of my sewing buddies out there, (you know who you are) get over there and enter!
If you don't want to enter, at least check out her awesome fabric!
So...... "Holla 'atcha Boy!"....... "Make it work!"..... "Carry on!".... "Don't be a Hot Mess!"..... Later Trannies! No, I don't normally talk like that! I am just referencing some of my favorite catch phrases from Project Runway!
I'm out! Auf Wiedersehen! Smooch!.. Smooch!

November 6, 2008

Pins and Needles

(From my own personal stash! Aren't they kinda cool?)

We are on pins and needles today! Disney is slated to announce a new promotion for the first half of 2009. Well, since we are going to Disney in February, this would be GREAT!

We might be able to afford to stay in a Deluxe resort, or just bank the extra cash for more stuff while we are there! As if we need more stuff!
We are SOOOOO in a need of a Disney fix!

Why Heavenleigh Blessings?

Look how little I am!

The hunt for a blog name. I could go simple. "The Jordan Family". Funny. "This Dad Sews...Sew what?". But I thought about it, and since Leighanna is our world, I knew that I wanted to use her name in some way.
So I thought about it, and the name "Heavenleigh Blessings" came to mind. I kind of like it.
I truly feel blessed. I have a beautiful daughter, a beautiful wife, a house, a job, and lots more than I could ever wish for!
We have always thought that Leighanna was a gift from God. We thank and praise Him everyday for her!
Leighanna's name came to us about a week before she was born. Our original name for her was Andrew Lee. Funny.
She came out a girl, so we knew that the quick name that we thought of a week before she was born was going to be it. (The hospital recommended it on one of our last visits with our birth mother.)
Angie's grandmother's name was Roseanna. We loved and missed her so much. She would be over the moon excited to have met Leighanna. She prayed constantly that the many fertility treatments that we went through would take. We are so sorry that she didn't get to hold her in her arms. We know that she is with us though.
Anyway, Leighanna's name is a combination of her name and mine and Angie's middle name. Lee. Oh, and Angie's fathers middle name is Lee also. There are many Lees in my family too.
We took Grandma's name and melded it with Lee. We knew that we wanted it to be a little different, so we spelled it Leigh. Leighanna's middle name is Rose.
If you are still with me through all of that mindless dribble, "Yay!" for you!
Anyway, you can see kinda where the name of my Blog came from!