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April 11, 2009

Mamma' got a new bag!

Yep! I made Angie a bag to match Leighanna's Easter dress. She hasn't seen it yet, so I might fill it up with Easter goodies and use it as a basket.
I used the Simple and Chic pattern from YCMT. Although, I would call this one a little Shabby and Chic ;)
I took the basic pattern and make a few adjustments. I made the exterior flap a little wider, the original one just seemed a little too skimpy. I also made the handles 1/2 inch wider. The skinnier straps I figured would not be sturdy enough.
I machine quilted the whole exterior of the bag. I like to do this because it seems to make the bag stronger and last longer. I also added an interior zippered pocket. Angie says that a girl has to have some secrets in her bag!

Anyway, the "girls" will look cute in their matching Easter attire. I might have to find a shirt in my closet to coordinate also. Hopefully I can get a photo of us all together to use in my next post.
Easter is supposed to be sunny and warmer, so it should be a wonderful day!

Remember, you have until the 22nd to add a comment to win my giveaway! I can't believe the comments I have received so far! Thank you all!

Have a great Easter!


Nicole K said...

Oh Tom! That bag is sooo stinkin cute!!! Now WHY can't I have a hubby who sews???? I'm sure she will love it- I love the idea of filling with with some things from the Easter bunny!
Your work is always perfect and you have such a way with fabric.
Happy Easter to you and your whole family
Nicole (Eyore4ever)

Shannon said...

WOW, TOM! That bag is awesome! I'm sure Angie is gonna love it!

Almost Always said...

aren't you just the sweetest thing!! the bag is pretty sweet too!
luv it!
Happy Easter :o)

Sahmy said...

How pretty! I bet she loved it.

Cathy said...

Beautiful bag Tom...I know Angie will love it (especially if it comes with CHOCOLATE inside!!! ;) )

Anonymous said...

I asked you before about if you have a twin brother....Is he sewing like you yet??????LOL, LOL, LOL.... you see it will be a woman's dream to have a husband that cooks, clean and sew too!!!!!LOL
and is a treasure when a man knows we woman love purses!!!!
All jokes aside , Tom, that handbag is just too gorgeous, love that you match it with your daughter's outfit (way too sweet!!)
you are the best!!!!!!

aka mrsmiller

GrammaBelle said...

I just found your blog by reading the disboards. I am in love with the 2 dresses you made for twin girls. I'm wading through the boards, planning a trip in 17 months with my 4 granddaughters and looking for inspiration. Now I get to read your blog too!

Do you have a pattern number from the pink pooh dresses?

KARAJ said...

I found this by spending the last 6 days reading the past Dis Board postings. I find your work stunning and now (thanks to you for having such beautiful work) :):) have to spend a couple more days reading through your Blog. That purse is truly great and you are spot on about an interior pocket.

Mindy (my*2*angels) said...

Tom, I just love your bag!!!! I bet your wife was so excited to get it! Great job! I also love Leighanna's newest dress! She looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bag! It's got to be the cutest one I've ever seen.

Mary Ann (Sweetstitches)

Stephanie said...

Wow, I missed the bag when you first posted it. I have made many of these bags and would never have dared to try a zippered pocket. Did Angie just love it?