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January 16, 2010

Boxing match!

I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Oh wait, wrong kind of boxing!

Well, I thought I would have time to blog once a week, but I seem to always have so much to do.
At least I didn't have you wait 6 months until I bloged again! Thanks to everyone who left me a comment.

I recently had the pleasure to test a pattern from my friend Carla. She is working on a whole series of box patterns. She is calling it her "case study". Cute idea!

Anyway, this pattern is now available.

I liked the pattern so much I made all three sizes. They stack nicely! You will be amazed at how easy this pattern was to complete! Before you know it you have a cute box to store those annoying things that tend to lay about!

The top of the boxes can display your favorite quilt squares, needlework, or pretty fabric that you have!

I will leave you with a couple of more projects that I recently completed.
This string quilt was for my wonderful mother in law. Yes, she really is wonderful!
I used this tutorial to make the squares. I didn't have time to make a full quilt of blocks so I added borders to beef up the size! It looks great and the center squares get all the attention they deserve.

I also made this jacket for my Mom for Christmas. She is in a nursing home and the large buttons should make it easier for her to do. Please don't remind me how grown up my baby is getting. She will be eight next month. Where has the time gone?

I used these vague instructions to construct this. I think it turned out o.k.!

I have so much more in the works. Here is a sneak peak at what is coming up next.

Thanks againf for leaving me a comment! I appreciate it!


Cathy said...

Beautiful boxes Tom and the quilt and jacket are gorgeous too!
Love it!
Glad to see you blogging again!!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Tom!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful everything!!!!

Heathersue said...

How did I miss that gorgeous quilt! WOW!! You have such a great eye for these things! I really love it! The border of color around the edges really sets everything off!