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April 14, 2010

Pinwheel dilema!

I have been doing the quilt along that Rachel from P.S.i quilt is hosting.  It has been really fun!  We are almost to the end and being the impatient guy that I am, had to do a couple of computer mock ups of what this will look like!
Now my only problem is..... what color sashing?

My original plan was to use Kona Stone.

My flikr friends say white.

Leighanna, my lover of pink, says pink!

I am loving Aqua these days!

Hello, Yellow!  Me likey this!
My FaceBook friends likey this too!
Leighanna's room is painted yellow, so this would work!

What do you all think?  Leave me a comment if you are still reading this blog!  I know.... I am such a slacker!


Melissa P said...

I still vote white. But aqua is nice too!

Cathy said...

OK I am voting again over here for the yellow! It really sets it off...more so than the white for some reason. In any case, the quilt is really lovely Tom!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Shannon said...

I like yellow!

Jennifer said...

I like the Kona Stone the best, actually... unless the yellow is the right color for Leighanna's room, then that :)

Jennifer said...

I can not wait to share your quilt with the world!!