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November 19, 2008

I made the "50" list!

Wow! I cannot believe that I was chosen to participate in the You Can Make This challenge.

Check out their blog!.
I have purchased several patterns from them, and love the detailed pictures and drawings!
Even I can figure them out!
We are going to be on a tight budget this Christmas and this challenge is just what the doctor ordered.
We are going to Disney in February, and I have challenged our family to make this a "cash only" vacation. I do not want to worry about paying for this trip in the months ahead.
I knew that this was going to be a challenge, with Christmas approaching so soon.
My family is usually much more thrilled to get a home made item from us anyway. I usually run out of time, and wimp out and purchase a gift at the last minute.
So... turn on the Christmas music and ready my machines! I have lots of gifts to mark off of my list!


~holly said...

cash only is the way to go. super smart and it feels great to NOT have to pay bills on a vacation that is already over!!!!

you can make those handmade gifts. no need to wimp out this year!