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November 26, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree! The crafting has begun!

The Christmas gifts are beginning! I spent the morning paper piecing these blocks together.

I was going to make the holiday door hanger from YCMT, but all that embroidery didn't appeal to me at all. I am the kind of guy that likes to 'git 'er done! So with a few hours of free time this morning, I finished these lovely blocks. Leighanna helped me pick out the colors for these. I am hoping that everyone that receives them will like them!

Here is a completed one. This one goes to Leighanna's teacher.

Leighanna picked these colors out specifically for her!

Here is the one from You Can Make This dot com.
Do you want to know the coolest thing about this? It didn't cost me a dime! The pattern is a free download and I had all the supplies to make these on hand. The original directions called for beaded trim, and although it does look really nice, I had this ball trim on hand, so I used it instead.

I am going to do a little Black Friday shopping and I will stop by Joanns to check the price on that trim, if they have it. I really to like the way the bells look.


Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Those are great, Tom! Awesome piecing - if those cranky quilt ladies could see you now, right?

Tom said...

Thanks Carla! Yes, I thought I would see what all the crankiness was all about!

Dawn said...

Those squares are great! I also don't embroider and was thinking along the same idea as you only I was going to applique a Christmas tree on-good to see how it would look :)

Kris said...

Those make some GREAT gifts! I love your spin on the project! And oh, how I love those fabric combos- good job!

Anonymous said...

Tom, You are amazing! I just started following the Thrifty Fifty in their progress this morning and found your blog. I also applied but didn't make it for the challenge, but am excited for those of you who did. Maybe after all of this is over, you can tell us how you got started sewing. I have a brother in law that quilts to pass the time in the winter. I think it's wonderful. I wish my dad who is handicapped was able to sew. I hurt for him so much as he passes each day with not much of anything to do. I am looking forward to more of your creations!

~holly said...

sweet. thanks for sharing. i also don't embroider and this is the perfect!

Anonymous said...

Tom!! I LOVE how those turned out! What a great idea on the tree in the middle. And the fabric combinations are gorgeous! I am so glad to have you be a part of this challenge!

Kim :)

me me me said...

Wow Tom! I am going to have to totally copy you here! I dont have an embroidery machine, and so wasnt really looking at doing a doorhanger because it would have been too much work, but I think you just changed my mind.

Three Prince Designs said...

I have husband Envy!!!
( and fabric stash envy!)

You are amazing!