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November 6, 2008

Why Heavenleigh Blessings?

Look how little I am!

The hunt for a blog name. I could go simple. "The Jordan Family". Funny. "This Dad Sews...Sew what?". But I thought about it, and since Leighanna is our world, I knew that I wanted to use her name in some way.
So I thought about it, and the name "Heavenleigh Blessings" came to mind. I kind of like it.
I truly feel blessed. I have a beautiful daughter, a beautiful wife, a house, a job, and lots more than I could ever wish for!
We have always thought that Leighanna was a gift from God. We thank and praise Him everyday for her!
Leighanna's name came to us about a week before she was born. Our original name for her was Andrew Lee. Funny.
She came out a girl, so we knew that the quick name that we thought of a week before she was born was going to be it. (The hospital recommended it on one of our last visits with our birth mother.)
Angie's grandmother's name was Roseanna. We loved and missed her so much. She would be over the moon excited to have met Leighanna. She prayed constantly that the many fertility treatments that we went through would take. We are so sorry that she didn't get to hold her in her arms. We know that she is with us though.
Anyway, Leighanna's name is a combination of her name and mine and Angie's middle name. Lee. Oh, and Angie's fathers middle name is Lee also. There are many Lees in my family too.
We took Grandma's name and melded it with Lee. We knew that we wanted it to be a little different, so we spelled it Leigh. Leighanna's middle name is Rose.
If you are still with me through all of that mindless dribble, "Yay!" for you!
Anyway, you can see kinda where the name of my Blog came from!


Jennifer said...

Hooray! Welcome to the blogging world, I can't wait to follow along!

Tom said...

Thanks Jennifer!

~holly said...

children are blessings aren't they? i think your blog name is perfect!

Dana said...

Our daughter is adopted and her original name was Hailey. We had to be different so we changed it to Haleigh.

Found you through the YCMT challenge! Looking forward to more from you!