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December 3, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Now that some of my projects are completed, or or nearing completion, I like to get started on the wrapping part.
When we visit family and friends and bring their gifts, they can't wait to see what their wrap will look like this year. (They have come to expect it from us!)
Most of the time they say it is too pretty to open. We have always wrapped up our gifts that we give others a little bit special. Call it OCD, but I figure presentation is important too.

Lovely box isn't it?
Stay tuned it will be!

Start by wrapping your box. I try to be as neat as I can on this. I even use a glue stick
to conceal the seam on the bottom. I don't like the way the tape looks. Again, OCD. Use whatever method of wrapping that works for you.
Now it is time for the bow. I don't like the bows that you buy in the plastic bag, that have an adhesive strip on them. They never stick and always fall off. They also don't look that nice. The ribbon that I use I get from a craft wholesaler. I got this whole spool of ribbon for $3.00. (That is a 100 yard spool! plenty for our gifts this year!)
The best kind of ribbon is the kind that florists use for their arrangements.
It has a little stiffness to it, and holds it shape nicely.
Now, tie your ribbon around your wrapped box. Make sure you leave some tails. We use those to attach the bow to it later.
Take your ends and using your scissors, dissect each end of the ribbon to the knot.
You can see the top tail I have done this.
Do this to both tails.
Now it is time to make the bow.
I usually use a DVD case or a Video case. You can use a small book, or anything you have on hand.
Start your ribbon and wrap it around the DVD 5 times. (I have made many of these bows, and that seems to give me the best fullness)
End your ribbon like this and carefully slide it off of the case.

Grasp it in the middle and fold it in half.

This is what you should have!

Now carefully cut the folded ribbon in the middle like this.
Take care not to meet at the middle.

Now carefully tie the ribbon cluster that you just cut onto the package.

Repeat those steps again and attach a second set using the other ties.
This is a good time to cut the ribbon ends into whatever shape you like.
I fish tailed the ends of my ribbon.
Carefully start pulling the loops apart. Starting at one loop cluster.
Grasp the loop from the inside and bring it out to the right.
Grasp the next loop from the cluster and bring it out to the left.
Keep doing this to all the cluster until you have them all separated.
I couldn't get a good photo of me doing this, so if you try this and are having problems. I will try to get a video up.

This is what your finished bow will look like! Now just add a gift tag, and get ready for the complements you receive as you give your gift!

On a side note, we are all Ohio State fans here!
I just made this hair bow for my daughter. I saw one like it at a boutique for around $12.00.
I had all the supplies on hand, so it didn't cost me a thing.
I used E6000 glue to attach the beads, the glue oozed out a little, but I wanted to make sure that they would stay.
I don't think you will notice it when it is worn.
Go Buckeyes!


Jennifer said...

Seriously?! Is there anything you can't do? That box looks gorgeous. I'm so jealous, wrapping beautiful gifts is one thing I'd love to do but don't have the patience for!

Stacy said...

Thanks so much for that bowmaking tutorial. What a lovely package!

Crissie said...

Oh TOM!!! You had me drooling, right up to the part where you said you all are Ohio State fans. I am a DIEHARD Boise State fan, so I'm afraid that we can't be friends anymore.

Seriously - I applaud you. My husband has been known to "build" with the serger when I'm in need of another set of sewing hands, but he forbids me to mention it. lol! I think it's just find as long as I continue to refer to it as "building" with fabric.


Teresa Pomerantz said...

Wow Tom, the bow explained with clear pictures. I have never been able to accomplish that- but maybe I will have to give this a try! Thanks Tom!

Tom said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
Jen, I do believe that there are some things that I can't do.... I just can't think of any right now! :) You have twins, you really should get a grip on the patience thing. I think you are going to need it!
Crissie, I like the thought of "building" too.
I have a lot of "tools" that I like to get to "build". I am always looking in the notions aisle for more "tools".
Boise State huh? I guess we all can't be perfect! ;)
Teresa, definitely give it a try! I can make these bows in no time now.

Kristina said...

Wow Tom, thanks for the tutorial! Beautiful!!! You're so crafty! :)

nancy/mom said...

I am impressed - you do beautiful "building" with fabric and ribbon! Those bows look like they came right out of Nordstroms - they are great and thanks so much for the tutorial!
Merry CHRISTmas!!

Little Buttercups said...

AWESOME! Thank you for the step by step! Is it alright to link back from my blog?

Lisa Martin said...

ok, I just found your blog and I hope your wife doesn't mind my saying, I think I have a bit of a crush on you.

Anonymous said...

You are craking me up! I am so glad I'm not the only one who goes all out when it comes to wrapping presents! I have been known to spend more money on the wrapping supplies than the gift inside!!!

Presentation is everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom!! Just found your blog...BOWS??? Is there somthing you're like, say, mediocre at? You so put me to shame w/ what you get accomplished. I am going to need to step up my game to keep hanging w/ you guys b/c I am seriously out of my league.

While I am a Gator fan through and through I cannot deny my OSU origins (or else my BFF and about 5 cousins who are all alumni would KILL ME)Did you ever see the OSU diaper bag I made? It pained me ( he gators crushed them that year for the championship) but it was for a friend LOL.
Can't wait to follow along w/ your blog!