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April 18, 2009

Can it get even more "Precious"?

I tell you I have gone crazy for this pattern!

I have now made about 6 versions of this dress, and today I made another.

This time I left off the sleeves, and Leighanna liked it alot!

She studied my fabric stash and picked out her favorite. Littlest Pet Shop of course!

Sorry for the squinty, wind-blown, photos! We were in a hurry to get going and enjoy the day.
I took my girls shopping in Columbus, and everywhere we went, people commented on her pretty dress. Even in some of the what I call "hoity-toity" boutiques. My wife even said that in the bathroom a little girl told Leighanna that she loved her dress. Leighanna of course said "Thank You, my Daddy made it for me!" My wife said the little girl looked at her in disbelief and shook her head and said, "I wish he was MY DADDY!"
I just had to laugh!

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KiraLynB said...

That is so cute about her in the bathroom! :)
It looks great without the sleeves. That little collar just makes everything pop! Thanks for posting more pictures!
Kira aka Toadstool

Sue said...

As usual you did a great job!

Cathy said...

Oh goody, more pics! Leighanna is so pretty so I bet with the dress on she got a lot of positive comments! It is a GREAT pattern! I love that you can do it all different ways and how easy it is to use! Great job Tom!

Shannon said...

It's totally precious, Tom! How sweet that another little girl was wishing you were her daddy!

I'm so glad to see more pics!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous dress as usual, love that LPS fabric. The bag you made for your wife is to die for. Love it. Your work is always lovely.
Lisa (disneymomof1 on disboutiquers)

Adi Castillo Misigoy said...

TOM, it is gorgeous!! Glad to see more pictures!! I just love it - and how cute that little girl, "I wish he was my daddy!" :)

Jessica with Magical*Memories*by*Jessica said...

Thanks for posting more pictures. I just how your dresses turn out! This pattern looks so cute on Leighanna.

Heather said...

I love all of your work. You've made me see that I must have this pattern, and I really must bulk up my fabric stash! hehe My husband however probably doesn't thank you!

Mindy (my*2*angels) said...

She is so cute and I wanted to say that I saw her spring pics over on the DIS and she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! That is a fantastic pic and I love how she accessorized!LOL

mommyof3princess said...

I cannot say enough about how much I love everything you make. And the way you get patterns and colors to go together so perfectly. Even though I have been lurking on the dis I still stop and stare at all your excellent work.

I just love when I make something for my girls and they tell people when they ask or say how cute they are mommy made it for me. It's such a boost that it really does look as great as you thought. So I know how it must make you proud.