Come see what this Dad and his Princess have been up to.
You might get to see some of my sewing projects, as well as a tutorial here and there to help you out.
I might even work up to a few give aways along the way!
Hold on tight! This could be a bumpy ride!

April 8, 2009

Hippity, Hoppity.... Easter's on it's way! And a giveaway to boot!

Leighanna has playing Here Comes Peter Cottontail all week, so this song has been stuck in my head.

I know I haven't posted anything is such a long time. So if any of you are still following me, I will try to post more often!

I have been sewing lots of things lately. It tends to keep me out of the refrigerator and help me stay on track of leading a healthier lifestyle. So far about 40 lbs. gone, several more to go!

I got the EXTREME honor of testing a new pattern for YouCanMakeThis dot com.

CarlaC is just amazing at pattern writing, and she has a winner with this one!

To show my appreciation of being selected to test this pattern, I am having a give away!

Leave me a comment and you will be entered to win a handmade, super duper, wonderful, exciting, Precious dress from me! This pattern ranges in sizes from 6 mos. to ten years. I will handpick the fabric from my wonderful stash.

This will also let me know if anyone is still reading, and if I should still continue to blog!

What?.... you don't have a daughter? Leave me a comment anyway, and I can make a boys lounge set for you.

I will randomly pick a winner on April 22nd. That will give you two weeks to enter.

If you blog, and mention this, I will give you a second entry!

Anyway, good luck!

Here are a few example of what I have made so far:

The last picture shows my "baby" in her first pair of heels! Thump! That was me falling off my chair!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom-
I have you on my list of blogs so I have been checking for updates.
Love the new dresses. The fabrics are so springy and beautiful!!


Unknown said...

So beautiful! I wish I had your talent for fabric co-ordination!

Of course, you have such a lovely model to inspire you!

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Wow, Tom! Thank you so much for the huge compliments! I was so honored to have you as a tester!!! Your input was fantastic! I truly couldn't have done it without the team!

What a generous giveaway! Am I eligible??? I'd love to win a lounge set for Louie!

Big congrats on the weight loss! It takes a lot of discipline to lose that much weight!

Jen B said...

Hi Tom!

Love the new dresses and all of you work! That cherries dress is great!


Jen B said...

Hi Tom!

Love the new dresses and all of your work!!! The cherry one is just beautiful!

Mindy-my*2*angels said...

Hey Tom!!! I love all of your precious dresses and Leighanna is getting so big!!! I had to tell you that I have almost that exact same fabric that you used for her Easter dress and was goin to use it to make my little one a dress with it!LOL Boy were we on the same page!

Kings said...

You make some amazing outfits! I'm in total awe!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

You are very good!!! A birdy told me and I came to visit...

tadamom said...

I just love all of your stuff Tom! Your stash is amazing! I'm glad you started blogging again -- don't stop!

crystal_crtr2 said...

Hey Tom!

I was wondering when you were going to start posting on your blog again. Those dresses you made are adorable. I have the pattern and I am hoping to make a couple for this summer for Jenna.


Nicole K said...

Hey Tom,
Your stuff is always beautiful, and has such an "accomplished" look about it, I always love your fabric choices and combinations! I love the eyelet lace trim. I hope you continue to blog, I haven't read it before, but I will now.


Jennifer said...

Hooray, a new post! And a giveaway! :) Beautiful dresses, as usual!

Nicole Keating said...

Hey Tom,
(okay, one more try, my last post didn't show up)
LOVE the dresses. I'd love to see you blog more too! Is that your stash behind the dresses? WoW! amazing!
Love the eyelet lace, you always have such great taste in fabric combos

Nicole K

Laura said...

Hi Tom!
I am in awe of your beautiful creations!

Laura (Waughzee)

Tom said...

Wow! Thanks all! I guess some of you are reading!

Carla!!!! Who are you telling about me??? OMG I almost fell off my chair when I saw that comment from Jennifer Paganelli!!!!

Continue to comment!!

Sahmy said...

Awwww. Beautiful dress and beautiful girl! Congrats on the weight loss! I've kept twenty pounds off for six months - now onto the next 20!

Shannon said...

OOH! I'm reading! And your generosity has inspired me to get a blog up and running. Maybe I should go work on that right now.

Shannon (revrob)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as usual Tom!

Anonymous said...


Leighanna is just beautiful!!!! Heels wow! That is the first thing Morgan saw. Love the dresses! Amazing work!

Please say HI to Angela for us.

Cindee and Morgan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love the Strawberry dress. I wish I had had more notice on my BIL's wedding so I could have tried out this pattern on the Girls dresses. I am going to add your blog to my blog on Chibi Chum.

Anonymous said...

I am TyKatMadismomma on Dis lol

Kapp pack said...

Count me in! I love that pattern and can't wait to try it!

3huskymom from DIS

Crissie said...

GO TOM!!!!!!!!!!!! You are seriously MY HERO! :) I bet you hear that all day though, right?

Carla is awesome, this dress is absolutely stunning and OH MY GOSH, did Jennifer Paganelli really just comment on your blog??? Is that ANOTHER thump (you falling off of your chair) that I hear????

xoxoxoxo and I'll blog about you soon!

KiraLynB said...

Hiya Tom! This is Toadstool from the dis. I would be honored to own a Tom original! Wow! :)
My birthday is on the 20th.. you could make me a dress. I swear I'd wear it. *giggles*

Kathy said...

Ooh Ooh! Hi! KJBROWN13 from Disboutiquers. Such cute stuff! Your stuff always amazes me!!


ksc565 said...'s GORGEOUS! I can't believe she's wearing HEELS??? So grown up. I hope she's going somewhere nice on Easter to show off Daddy's work!!

Karamat said...

Ohhhh - lots of pretty dresses! I've been checking in, waiting for new posts. Glad to see you and Leighanna back!

Jessica with Magical*Memories*by*Jessica said...

I'm always following you! Congrats on the weight loss!

I hope all is okay in RL. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

LOVE all the dresses (as always).

Cathy said...

Silly Tom...of course we are still following! Love the precious dresses and Leighanna looks just beautiful in them! Happy Easter!

teresajoy said...

Tom, I just love the dresses you've made!!! And, I would sure love to win one! You really do fantastic work!!

...t. said...

OOOH....Can't pass up a chance to have you sew for me! So here's my official comment!

Kell said...

Tom! I looove the dresses you have created with CarlaC's newest pattern. And of course Leighanna is soo beautiful in them. Too bad we didn't live closer I bet the girls would be so darling playing together. Their birthdays are so darn close too!


Anonymous said...

Love all the beautiful dresses (and beautiful DD, too)! Thank you for sharing!


Dezimber said...

I love seeing your new creations. Leighanna is truely a princess! It is good to see a new blog entry as well. Congrats on the new you, 40 lbs.! Go Tom!

Dezimber said...
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Stephanie said...

A giveaway is a perfect idea for getting people back into your blog. With our trip to Disney I have been neglectful too, so I think I might copy you when your giveaway is over.

Leighanna looks beautiful as always and Megan really wants to take her to the beach!

LaVigne Family said...

yay, a new update! I always love your work! What amazing talent you have. LOVE the new Carla C pattern.

kimmylaj said...

hey tom, i have been checking in but only recently learned how to follow a blog so i signed up for that. everything is beautiful as usual. love the new dress

Kelly said...

Tom! I love the fabric combo you picked for this dress! It is fab!!

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Yay! Tom is still sewing! Glad to see you posting again!

phins_jazy said...

Your dress is wonderful! I have so many ideas floating around in my head of projects to make. Now I just have to find the time to do them. :)


Amy (Clutterbug) said...

The dresses are all amazing Tom! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Huge congratulations on your weight loss. You should be proud!

Brandi said...

I'm new to your blog, but I always love everything you post on the disboutique, so I thought I'd check it out. Love the easter dress!!


Ginny said...

My youngest daughter would love this!

4 Wheeling Princess said...

Hey tom
I want a dress but I am 27. lol i just realized I cut my age short by a year. Hope you and Leighanna and you are well.
Karen(lovespoohbear on the dis)

Almost Always said...

Hi Tom,
I am a huge fan of yours & have enjoyed seeing your creations posted to both the DIS and Disboutique sites. Your fabric choices are always unique and inspiring. I am excited to see what you come up with next! :o)


MouseTriper said...

Tom, that Easter dress you made is BEAUTIFUL, just like your little cutie. You do amazing with everything you create.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom..I posted a little while ago but I musta did something wrong since it is not showing up. Oops. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Easter dress you made is BEAUTIFUL, just like that little angel of yours!! Your creations are always amazing!!!

Beth aka MouseTriper

Little Buttercups said...

Heeeeee's Baaaaaaaaaack! Good to see you back! The dresses are amazing and a huge congrats on the weight loss!

Hope to see you more often!

Linnette MIller said...

Hi Tom
Happy to see your updated blog!! just love it, the dresses for your princess are just too beautifuls, I just in awe at how you can match fabrics together

well consider this my entry , but my boys being size 36 and 34 waist I will doubt you will want to make
a lounge set for any of my boys!!! LOL

but in I could always use a beautiful outfit for "The Big Give" ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses on a beatuful model!!! Thanks for the blog update!!

karenTX (from the DIS boards)

Anonymous said...

As always...the most amazing dress! She looks so beautiful in it Tom! Great job!

(The Moonk's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Love the new dresses, beautiful as always!!


Brandi said...

Love the new dresses, beautiful as always!!


Adi Castillo Misigoy said...

Wow Tom - I am always so inspired by your creations! I noticed those heels your baby is wearing when you posed on the dis - she is so beautiful and growing up!!

Cathy said...

Tom - did you see that Jennifer Paganelli posted?

Tom said...

Yes! And I just about fell off of my seat! I have a feeling I know which little birdie told her about me!

Anonymous said...

Tom, I'm new to disboards but absolutely love your creations!

Shannon (WyomingMom)

Daniela said...

Tom, your creations always amaze me! You do such beautiful work. Your new dresses are so darling, and I can't believe how big leighanna is getting!

miranda said...

Wow! That is a beautiful Easter dress and I love the bag you made to match!

Jen said...

Great dresses and a beautiful model! You can tell she is proud of your creations.

Jen (Orlando_Or_Bust)

Lil' Junebug Designs said...

Oh! Mr. Tom I love the Precious Dresses you have made. And that purse is to die for. You keep sewing because you are great at it!
Leighanna is simply beautiful!
Hugs, kristi

Karen said...

Simply amazing dresses Tom. My all time favorite was the Lady and the Tramp dress~stunning!

Thank you for doing the fun giveaway!


Carrie6466 said...

Hi Tom,

I love seeing the stuff you post on the Disboutique thread. I wish I could do stuff half as well :) Your versions of these precious dresses are almost enough to convince me to go buy the pattern and give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom! Love seeing all of your new Precious said you've made six...have we seen them all? Keep up with your blogging! You had my DH in stitches reading about your fabric shopping escapades! And you were in Columbus! They have one of my favorite restaurants there...La Bamba (it's a college burrito place - they advertise burritos as big as your head) you should try it some time, they're fantastic!

Benita (sahm1000)

mommyof3princess said...

I love all the dresses I don't. I bet it takes Leighanna a long time to pick which dress or outfit she wants to wear. They are all so great I could not pick so easily.

Anonymous said...

Tom, these are gorgeous! I think I need to get this pattern. My little girl spotted these over my shoulder and promptly asked me to make her one. Don't know how you find the time!

Jeanne said...

So I'm probably too late, but I swear I commented on here back when you posted the contest! You know what I think of your amazing work Tom!

Jona Giammalva said...

That dress is one of the prettiest creations I've seen with that fabric!! I used to make classic dresses like that for my girls and they never ever go out of fashion! Beautiful girl, beautiful dress!!